The Stats

Where should I start? Probably with the stats:

Sex: Female

Age: 27

Sign: Scorpio

Occupation: The Hospitality Industry and no I’m not a prostitute or a stripper.

Marital Status: Divorced

Children: 2

Residence: Las Vegas, NV, USA

Number of Men I’ve Slept w/: 30

I figured the only way this writing exercise worked is if I’m honest, 100% completely honest even about  the ugly stuff. The stuff no one wants to talk about. The stuff that makes women dislike you and men not respect you. Now don’t get me wrong, men love a slut, to fuck once but that’s it. Men still want to believe that they are special and that they have to work for it. Needless to say the fact that women have sex drives as well is completely and utterly disregarded. Also other women believe on a deep level that if you have multiple one night stands it must be because you are a good lay, have low self esteem or do anal. Either way “Their Men” are at risk if your around. What is much more likely is that what were supposed to be dates become one night stands because of the above mentioned hypocrisy of men. Or maybe I’m just a terrible dater.

Oh and this might be important for the narrative:

Looks: 7, I could be an 8 but my boobs could be better, my hair is short and my stomach looks like a crinkled paper bag after having two kids.


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